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PROFlex Strap by Vive
PROFlex Strap by Vive

PROFlex Strap by Vive

Easy to use, the Vive PROFlex strap is a multipurpose tool for repositioning weak or injured legs, improving mobility and stretching out the calf, ankle, thigh, shoulder and back. Ideal for physical and occupational therapists, and those recovering from injury or surgery, the PROFlex strap allows the leg to be stretched and easily maneuvered onto a bed, sofa or wheelchair and into vehicles with ease.

Lifting and stretching from any angle, the PROFlex strap features two padded hand loops and two standard hand loops for greater versatility. Two small straps allow the sides of the leg lifter strap to be secured together for simple, one-handed use. 

Accommodating any foot size, the leg lifter strap features a wide, padded base designed to ensure the foot will not slip through. An optional top strap aids in holding the foot in place and easily adjusts to accommodate casts and shoes.

Great for post knee or hip surgery patients!

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