AECorner PROFlex 2-in-1 Leg Lifter/Exercise Strap

Cindy, Physical Therapist with Adaptive Equipment & Caregiving Corner here to talk about the Vive PROFlex 2-in-1 Leg Lifter. (affiliate link)

I'm super excited to be talking about this not
only because it's a great physical therapy tool but also because I'm the INVENTOR of this product!

I designed the PROFlex strap specifically with my hip and knee patients in mind and to improve upon the limitations of the standard leg lifter.

The PROFlex helps my patients get in and out of the bed and doubles as a versatile recovery tool.

A standard leg lifter should not be used for recovery exercises because the one-sided pull can cause unwanted strains to the hip and knee.

The PROFlex opens to allow an even pull on both sides of the leg. So, why settle for a standard leg lifter when you can have the PROFlex 2-in-1 leg lifter and exercise strap by Vive.

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