The Best Way to Go Up and Down Stairs Using the iWalk 2.0

Cindy demonstrates ways to walk up and down stairs with the iWalk 2.0. Walking up and down stairs with the iWalk 2.0 will take practice to feel comfortable. Caution and practice is recommended on stairs, especially when going down stairs. Use of a rail or cane on stairs without a handrail is highly recommended.

Please check out the link below which will direct you to the product page. Be sure to scroll down to the Product Description and read the “Basic Requirements” section to see if the iWalk 2.0 may be right for you. For the rights persons, the iWalk 2.0 is a great alternative to crutches or a knee scooter, allowing the user hands free functional mobility during the recovery of a below the knee injury.

Link to iWalk 2.0 as demonstrated above: (affiliate link)

**Check out this link to the video on How to Walk with the iWalk 2.0

***Check out this link to the video on How to Assemble the
iWalk 2.0:

**Check out this link to the video on How to Use a Cane on Stairs:

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