Christina demonstrates the Nosey Cup for people with dysphagia

Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing means during a meal a person may have food or drink get into the airway, called the trachea, instead of going in the tube that leads …

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What is a Leg Lifter and How to Use it

Cindy demonstrates how to use a leg lifter to assist a weak/injured or operative leg onto the bed. This device may be beneficial for an individual who has had a …

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Cindy gives tips on ordering walkers including measurements to collect and insurance information needed. ***Check out the walker demonstrated above: Invacare Dual Release Walker with 5”Wheels (affiliate link)

Check out the related video links below for further information on…

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If you can’t do it, adapt it!

Adaptive Equipment Corner will provide viewers a place to learn about different types of adaptive equipment, how to adjust and use each one correctly and other possible ways to utilize …

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