Seat Belt Grabber Handle

Cindy demonstrates a Seat Belt Grabber Handle which can assist people who have difficulty reaching up and back over their shoulder to retrieve the seat belt.

Seat Belt Grabber Handle (affiliate link)

For additional assistance …

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Elastic Shoelaces & Shoehorn

Cindy demonstrates use of Elastic Shoelaces and Shoehorn, which may be useful for someone who is having difficulty reaching their feet due to pain, lack of mobility or weakness.

Standard Elastic Shoelaces
Drive Medical Elastic Shoe …

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What is a Button Hook and How to Use It

Cindy demonstrates how to use a Button Hook for assistance when getting dressed. This device may be helpful when having difficulty manipulating buttons and/or zippers due to pain/weakness/loss of sensation …

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Cindy demonstrates several types of reachers in varying lengths, which may be helpful for assistance while dressing, reaching items up on a shelf or picking up items off of the floor. The longer style reachers are also helpful with yard …

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Cindy demonstrates assitive devices that may be useful in the kitchen when having difficulty with weakness/pain/loss of sensation /loss of motion in the fingers and hands.

Assistive Devices featured in video above:
Good Grips Jar Opener (affiliate link)

Ring …

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