Review of Grab It Reacher

Review of the Grab It Reacher

Cindy reviews “As Seen On TV Grab It Reacher”
*approximately 40″ in length
*normal grip and ratcheting grip
*sliding button for changing grip is difficult to move
*able to pick up dime and necklace off of floor with grasping arms
*folds in half

The Grab It Reacher does very well picking up even a dime off of the floor without difficulty. It is a bit long to pick something up and bring it to your opposite hand, though the object can be brought within reach, then picked up. I like the ratcheting grip feature of the Grab It, though the slider button used to change from normal to ratcheting feature is difficult to use without using something for leverage to pull/push the slider forward and backward. All-in-all, I like the features of the Grab It Reacher.

Grab It Reacher: (affiliate link)

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