Quick Tip: Help Opening Dishwasher Door

Here’s a quick tip:

An Occupational Therapy friend of AECorner.com shared a tip from an OT client regarding opening the dishwasher door. The client had weakness in their hands because of arthritis and couldn’t open the door on their dishwasher so they attached a suction cup grab bar to the front. Now they are able to maintain their independence in the kitchen!

Cindy also demonstrates how to use a dressing stick to help unlatch the lock found on some dishwasher doors.

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  • Stephen

    Good video.
    I "invented" a device for reaching coffee cups that are stored on the upper shelf of a kitchen cabinet. I attached a cup hook into the end of a wooden dowel and now I can hook the cup hook into the cup handle and pull it to the front of the shelf which s within reach of my hand. It solved a problem for me because I have BPPV, positional vertigo, and it is unsafe for me to climb on step stools or ladders.

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