Product Review: The Bathing Cushion by Mangar

Cindy, PT with Adaptive Equipment & Caregiving Corner reviews the Bathing Cushion by Mangar. This product is like a having a tub transfer bench that allows the user to be lowered into the tub to soak. Visit for helpful caregiver tips and resources.

Video Time Stamps:
00:22 | What is the Bathing Cushion?
00:33 | Who would benefit from the Bathing Cushion?
00:55 | Bathing Cushion features
02:01 | Bathing Cushion setup
03:32 | Recommendation of grab bar for safety
04:05 | How to transfer into tub
05:11 | How to transfer out of the tub
05:44 | How to safely dry off after bath
06:21 | Bathing Cushion specifications
08:37 | Therapy Team Talk with Becca, OT
11:36 | AECorner product recommendation?

For more information regarding the Bathing Cushion by Mangar:

Visit for helpful caregiver tips and resources.
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