Home Safety Tool Kit

Introducing AECorner's HOME SAFETY TOOL KIT!

Welcome to Adaptive Equipment Corner's newest video series! The Home Safety Tool Kit is aimed at helping patients and caregivers prepare for a successful return from healthcare facility back to home.

Here’s how to sign-up:
- Visit https://www.AECorner.com
- Click the purple “REGISTER” button in the upper right corner
- Fill in name & email address
- Create a password
- Select "Home Safety Tool Kit" from the SERIES drop down menu
- Select a time length from the PLAN drop down menu
- Check the disclaimer box
- Click the Sign Up button & you’re in!!

The Home Safety Tool Kit includes:
- The Home Home Safety Checklist (printable or interactive)
- The Equipment Index (links for ordering needed equipment or supplies)
- The Quick Start Guide: The top 3 areas to address for a successful return home
- Access to videos that address each zone of the house to improve home safety prior to discharge
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Home Safety Tool Kit

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About The Author
- Adaptive Equipment & Caregiving Corner provides online education and instruction for caregivers and individuals to improve safety and function during activities of daily living. Our mission is to enhance continuity of care from healthcare facility to home, increase client and caregiver safety during daily care and improve and maintain the client’s optimal level of functional independence.