Drinking Cup for People with Dysphagia

Christina demonstrates the Nosey Cup for people with dysphagia

Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing means during a meal a person may have food or drink get into the airway, called the trachea, instead of going in the tube that leads to the stomach, called the esophagus. When food and/or drink goes down the “wrong tube”, called aspiration, it can lead to choking and possibly aspiration pneumonia.

There are several safety guidelines a person with a diagnosis of dysphagia should follow such as sitting up in a chair for meals, take small bites and small sips, alternating one bite with one sip and keeping the chin level or slightly tilted downward.

Sometimes following these safety guidelines, called aspiration precautions aren’t enough and people that have a particularly hard time safely drinking liquids could benefit from a drinking cup with a notch cut out of the side of the cup, called a Nosey Cup.

A Nosey cup is made to allow people to keep their chin in a level position even when tipping the cup up to drink all of the liquid. A Nosey cup allows people to follow the safety precaution of keeping the chin level while drinking liquids.

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