AECorner Video & Product Catalog

We have attached QR codes and links to the title of each video and the picture of each product. Clicking the video title on the computer will take you directly to the video and clicking on the picture of the product will take you directly to the Amazon product page for further information or purchase. If this or any pages of the catalog are printed off you can scan the QR code using the camera on your cell phone. Open up your camera, point your phone at the QR code to scan and touch the link that appears on your screen. It’s that simple! The AECorner Video & Product Catalog is useful for therapists, nurses, discharge planners, and social workers. This document can be used in all types of settings such as home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, hospitals, doctor offices, clinics and more! We’ve left a space at the top of each page for your letter- head or company logo!                                                       


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- Our mission at Adaptive Equipment Corner is to allow individuals the opportunity to gain and maintain their highest level of independence through information, instruction and resources as it relates to adaptive equipment, caregiver training and fitness.