Beasy Board Sliding Transfer

Cindy is reviewing 3 styles of Beasy Transfer Boards (BeasyTrans, BeasyGlyder and Beasy ll) and demonstrating a wheelchair to chair transfer. The individual being transferred needs to have decent trunk control in sitting for safety when using a Beasy transfer board. Beasy boards are intended for use with the assistance of a caregiver. As caregivers, we always encourage the individual being cared for to assist as much as safe and appropriate. These 3 boards are different lengths and shapes in order to accommodate varying circumstances regarding space and distance for varying surface to surface transfers. The Beasy transfer boards can reduce the load/effort of the caregiver as well as eliminate friction on the skin of the individual being transferred. Beasy Board transfers will take practice for proper technique and safety.

Please check out further instructional information on these transfer boards at

For further demonstration on varying assistance for transfers by caregivers, check us out a

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